North Richmond Community Meeting #2

August 13th, 6:30-8:30 PM

Thank you everyone who attended our second North Richmond community meeting as part of Envision Contra Costa 2040, including the representatives from the Resident Leadership Team who presented highlights from the North Richmond Quality of Life Plan! We also want to thank the Community Heritage Senior Apartments for their hospitality. With over 15 attendees, we shared a thoughtful conversation about the draft Guiding Principles for North Richmond and potential policies and actions to support them, using the priorities from the North Richmond Quality of Life Plan as a starting point. Participants raised these ideas, among others:

  • Involve the community in the selection of new housing development proposals.
  • Support first-time homebuyer programs.
  • Celebrate the culture of the North Richmond community in all beautification projects.
  • Encourage new mixed use and commercial development that works with and benefits residents, offers diverse employment opportunities, and promotes community self-sufficiency.
  • Create a community kitchen as part of a larger effort to incubate small local business
  • Establish a vocational school or college campus next to Verde Elementary School as part of a larger workforce development program.
  • Establish a community/youth center for the effective delivery of youth programing and to create a space for other programs that the whole community can access.
  • Offer public spaces and parks throughout North Richmond.
  • Provide North Richmond residents with better access to Wildcat Creek and San Pablo Creek.
  • Improve street lighting throughout North Richmond as the most important step to make streets safer, more inviting, and walkable at all times.
  • Provide more frequent bus connections to BART and bus stop amenities to promote better access to affordable and reliable public transportation.
  • Eliminate speeding and cut-through traffic.

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Link to presentation

Link to Draft Guiding Principles for North Richmond in English and Spanish.

Link to detailed meeting summary

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