Bay Point Community Meeting #2 
August 12th, 6:30–8:30 PM

Thank you to all who attended the second Bay Point community meeting as part of Envision Contra Costa 2040! Approximately 15 people attended to review the guiding principles drafted from the first meeting and to provide feedback and share ideas. Prompted by the draft guiding principles, discussions were collaborative and constructive, and the following ideas emerged:

  • Provide more, and improve existing, walkable community-oriented amenities including parks, grocery stores, other essential services and shopping, and the Ambrose Community Center.
  • Improve bus service with faster headways, expanded hours of operation, and timed connections.
  • Provide transit stops with adequate shelter and seating.
  • Add protected bicycle lanes, pedestrian infrastructure, shade trees, and street lighting along major roads, including Willow Pass Road and near schools.
  • Implement anti-displacement policies such as tenant protection services and emergency rental assistance.
  • Provide a variety of affordable housing types to accommodate both single adults and multi-generational families.
  • Expand waterfront recreation opportunities.
  • Make parks more inviting by planting more trees, installing lighting, adding amenities like water features, and increasing maintenance.
  • Address crime and homelessness in parks, along the waterfront, and near BART.
  • Address refinery impacts on the local community including air pollution, pipeline risks, and accidents.
  • Enhance school safety for youth to discourage gang activity.
  • Implement community outreach programs to increase civic engagement and community investment.

Thanks to all who provided input. To engage online, visit the website and stay tuned for future County meetings.


The meeting presentation can be found here.

The draft guiding principles are available here.

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