Crockett Community Meeting #2

August 15th, 6:30–8:30 PM

Thank you to everyone who attended the second Crockett community meeting as part of Envision Contra Costa 2040! Approximately 15 community members came to review the draft guiding principles that were generated based on input from the first community meeting. Working in three small groups, participants provided helpful feedback to clarify the priorities for Crockett, including the following ideas:

  • Preserve local law enforcement’s level of service and response times while placing more focus on car and home burglaries.
  • Consider creating design guidelines for Crockett to maintain local character, facilitate building rehabilitation, and showcase the artistic community.
  • Provide more flexible zoning that recognizes Crockett’s historic building patterns.
  • Enhance the waterfront with restaurants, retail, a dog park, and recreational trails.
  • Address illegal dumping and ongoing maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Consider establishing residential parking permit areas on certain residential streets.
  • Study the feasibility of a ferry terminal or train station in Crockett to increase regional accessibility.
  • Add a separated bike and pedestrian trail on Crockett Boulevard.
  • Prohibit any expansion of the Phillips 66 refinery.
  • Improve health care and hospital access for Crockett residents.
  • Enhance local telecommunications services.
  • Improve and expand sidewalks to create a connected pedestrian network.
  • Promote and support the development of additional housing options, including affordable housing.
  • Encourage community involvement and enhance the sense of community.
  • Protect the community from refinery-related hazards that might result from sea level rise, fires, and earthquakes.

Thanks to all who provided input. To engage online, visit the website and stay tuned for future County meetings.

The meeting presentation can be found here.

The Draft Guiding Principles are available here.

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