Bay Point Community Meeting #3

January 30th, 6:30-8:30 PM

We would like to thank all who attended the third Bay Point community meeting for Envision Contra Costa 2040! Approximately 30 participants attended to share their feedback on the draft community profile for Bay Point.

The profile provides context about the community, an overview of planned land uses, and guiding principles, policies, and actions to guide growth and development over the next twenty years. Participants shared useful feedback that we will use in refining the profile to ensure it reflects what community members want for the future of Bay Point. Some of the following themes emerged from the small group discussions:

  • Reword policies to be positive, affirmative, and encourage what we do want, rather than focusing on prohibiting or discouraging thing we don’t want.
  • Reflect the findings of the East County Regional Group’s park assessment, including the preservation of green spaces for new development.
  • Augment policy language to promote local, independent businesses throughout Bay Point. Avoid concentrating retail along Willow Pass Road and promote local hiring practices.
  • Strengthen policy language about beautifying Bay Point by improving code enforcement, curbing illegal dumping, improving trash collection, and removing graffiti. Consider devloping a mural/public art program to provide a positive alternative and deterrent to graffiti.
  • Expand policies and actions to create more mobility opportunities through the development of new bike lanes, trails, and more first-and last-mile public transportation options. 
  • Prioritize adding more lighting to improve safety throughout all of Bay Point.
  • Add a policy to encourage the Mount Diablo School District to build a local high school in Bay Point.
  • Amend policy language to promote new denser housing development on vacant parcels while ensuring the protection of community members and avoiding gentrification through strategies like rent-control measures.
  • Add policy language that would expand the County’s approaches to community outreach, such as through schools, community centers, and establishing better partnerships with local organizations. 

Be sure to check back into the website often for upcoming meeting and more feedback opportunities!

Link to Draft Community Profile for Bay Point 

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