Bethel Island Community Meeting #2

October 30th, 6:30-8:30 PM

Thank you to all who attended the second Bethel Island community meeting for Envision Contra Costa 2040! We had a group of 28 engaged community members that shared their feedback on the draft community profile for Bethel Island. Some residents from surrounding areas and Oakley also turned out to voice their feedback, driven by concerns about the emergency response during the recent wildfires in the area.

The profile provides context about the community, an overview of planned land uses, and guiding principles, policies, and actions to guide growth and development over the next twenty years. Participants shared helpful feedback that we will use to refine the profile and ensure it reflects what community members want for the future of Bethel Island. Some of the major comments we heard are described below:

  • Add language in the context section to emphasize the agricultural portions of the island as an important asset that help define the character of the island. This discussion should note the community’s desire to retain and enhance agricultural vibrancy and aesthetic character.
  • Change residential and commercial General Plan land use designations on parcels that are undeveloped or developed with rural residential uses to an agriculture designation.
  • Expand upon the discussion of local businesses in the guiding principles to emphasize opportunities for additional commercial uses in the community.
  • Prioritize strengthening both transportation and utility infrastructure to provide adequate emergency response planning to protect residents from flooding, wildfires, and other natural hazards.
  • Revise policy language to upgrade roadway infrastructure with drainage systems along with pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.
  • Revise the policy about blight to reflect the character of Bethel Island.
  • Clarify vague policy language.
  • Augment policy and action language to increase protection from levee breaches, and regulate residential development standards near levees.

Be sure to check back into the website often for upcoming meetings and more feedback opportunities!

Link to Draft Community Profile for Bethel Island

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