Knightsen Community Meeting

June 5, 6:30–8:30 pm

Thank you to all who attended the Knightsen community meeting for Envision Contra Costa 2040! Almost 20 people attended, participating in a robust discussion about how to preserve the character of Knightsen while addressing some of the challenges facing the community. Some of the main comments we heard included:

  • Preserve the rural, tight-knit, family-oriented, and agricultural character of Knightsen.
  • Address concerns related to the cultivation and processing of cannabis.
  • Improve quality of life by addressing issues like illegal dumping and noise from parties and shooting.
  • Slow down traffic, provide safer pedestrian areas, and mitigate increased traffic from nearby development to improve safety.
  • Protect well water quality, including from potential impacts of the East Bay Regional Park District wetland project.
  • Improve the provision of services related to code enforcement and health and safety.
  • Discourage additional agricultural tourism beyond what exists today.
  • Leave 5-acre minimum zoning in place or increase to a 10-acre minimum; prevent further subdivision.

Thanks again to everyone who provided input. To engage online, visit the Online Engagement page and stay tuned for future County meetings!

The meeting presentation can be found here.


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